Our Food


Serrano: typical jamon from white pork. Beginners experience.
Iberico de cebo: very good quality of iberian jamon pata negra for a good price.
Iberico de bellota: best jamon experience you can have, special iberian pigs, pata negra, with just the best alimentation. Exclusive delicatessen.


Seafood: rice with vegetables, fish, squids, mussels and prawns ...
Meat: rice with vegetables, chicken and/or pork
Mix: rice with vegetables, fish, squids, chicken, shrimps
Vegan: rice with vegetables and stoke

Pulpo (octopus) a la gallega

Delicious slices of octopus over a bed of potatoes with olive oil and pimenton de la vera (special smoked spanish paprika), prepared on the traditional way of Galicia region with ritual.

Customize meal

Suggest some meal or style and I will make something special with it for you